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I have designed this part of PPT to share the same experience I had as a child growing up as a preacher's kid. If you are a preachers kid, you know that after the services are over. . . you don't get to pack up and head home because your parents are busy meeting with people, preparing the stage for the next day, praying with people, etc. . . So during this time, I would find myself at the organ, or piano and I would open up a hymnal and just try to pick through as many songs as I could to pass the time. What I didn't realize was, that I was learning a lot about reading different time signatures, keys, rhythms,  melodic and harmonic structures in the process. If one song didn't fit that day, I would just turn the page and read something different. IT'S THAT SIMPLE! If one song doesn't work for you. . . Click the next button and a new adventure awaits on the next page. There are currently 500 songs to choose from and I plan to add more each summer. Enjoy! 

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